Launch of Peace Fighters in Geneva

The guest list for the launch of ‘The Peace Fighters’ in Geneva (April 17) was more than impressive with a dizzying array of diplomats, senior politicians and international press. The Director of UNICEF, Irish Ambassador, British Ambassador, current and past British consul generals – and topping that the initiative received a personal message from the President of Ireland Mary McAleese.

At the UNICEF HQ in the Swiss city Murray and Emery’s Fighting For Peace programme ‘The peace Fighters’ was officially launched - and the former world champs are still gasping for air from the overwhelming support from world leaders where the duo unveiled a scheme that was conceived and trailed in Belfast being rolled out and celebrated Europe-wide.

At the launch it was displayed how the initiative kicked off with speeches from British and Irish ministers, the head of UNICEF along with Cormac McCann director of sport development for the Belfast City council who travelled with the team. Also a video link with a message from the Belfast Lord Mayor backing the launch. BBC’s Michael Appleton, freelance producer for about face media was also present. Many world kickboxing figureheads jetted in to attend the launch, WKN world president Stephane Cabrera, Corsican Andrelli Tousaint and top Scottish promoter Mr Albert Ross lend their support.

Murray and Emery’s Fighting For Peace scheme has been two years in the making. It is aimed to promote peace and respect through sport. It will bring together leading groups involved in martial arts and combat sports across Europe and organise inter-community meetings and international events including competitions, training, courses, trips and demonstrations.

It will particularly focus its activities to benefit disadvantaged children. “If we are to seriously tackle the issue of collapsing youth behaviour, we have to do it now,” said Murray. “This programme is a well realised and proper leap forward. I look forward to seeing what we can do with it across the continent.”

The team finished of the launch by a special guided tour of the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva.

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