18 July 2011

The PeaceFighters are soon to hit Dublin City

The PeaceFighters are soon to hit Dublin City

Cross Community Trip To Ireland’s Capital

The PeaceFighters from Belfast are organising a special day out for over 50 young people from different communities in the continuing search of what is well becoming known in the country as 'Friendship Through Sport.'

50 young sports people from all over Ireland and from all walks of life are gathering together in the name of Peace, Community Spirit, Friendship and of course, shopping. For who would want to travel to Dublin and not do some shopping?

The group will be travelling down on October 1st and will spend a day taking in the sights, spending some of their (parents!) hard earned money and sampling all the different cultures and attractions that Ireland’s Capital City has to offer.

At the end of the day, they will even be going to watch a fight show.