08 February 2018

Billy Murray a co/founder of the Peacefighters visited St, Mary's Grammar School Belfast on Belfast's Mental Health week

Billy Murray a co/founder of the Peacefighters visited St, Mary's Grammar School Belfast on Belfast's Mental Health week

Peacefighters Visit St, Mary’s Grammar School Belfast

Congratulations to the organisers of Kickstart VS MentalHealth - Billy Murray a co/founder of The PeaceFighters initiative and head coach at ProKick travelled to the west of the city to talk and instruct over 180 twelve-year-old boys from St Mary’s CBGS in a unique event. Thursday 8th February 2018 saw a packed assembly hall with year 8 students who all took part in an action packed, non-stop FUN kickboxing fitness session.

Time for the action to begin. The boys jumped to their feet with a quick and intense warm-up, the crescendo of noise rising as all 180 sprinted on the spot as fast as they could in five and ten second bursts.

Billy Murray then lead them through the foundations of kickboxing; jab, straight right hand, duck, right front kick, left front kick, punch combinations and then finally adding it all together with punch, evade and kick combinations.
Billy Murray a four-time four weight World Champion. He shared with them how he faced disappointments and defeats but remained determined. His motivational motto “hard work pays off” underpins everything that he has accomplished.

Billy Murray ended the afternoon with a reminder to all the boys, “Don’t forget, that if you need to talk to anyone about anything, there will always be someone there to listen. Talk to a friend, talk to a teacher, talk to someone in your family. Send me an e-mail. Don’t bottle it up.” An amazing afternoon that will certainly be one to remember for all those involved.

“Definitely one of the best events I have been a part of during my time in St Mary’s. Billy Murray’s enthusiasm, down to earth nature and honesty with the Year 8 students had them eating out of the palm of his hand. We had kids get up on stage in front of their whole year group, some of whom have no real involvement in sport, yet displayed real determination and drive. The whole afternoon will play a massive part of the students’ future here in St Mary’s; they were encouraged that hard work always pays off and that there is always someone there to listen. As for the Year 14 students, what an achievement for them – their maturity, leadership and teamwork all resulted in a memorable day for St Mary’s.” Tony Austin (Head of Year 8) 

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