26 March 2013

L-R Mr Oliver Muller and Carl Emery presenting Billy Murray with a Peace Fighters plaque.

L-R Mr Oliver Muller and Carl Emery presenting Billy Murray with a Peace Fighters plaque.

ProKick Swiss Blog. March 2013.

The young ProKick team are getting ready for the trip home to Belfast after a cracken weekend of Sport and FUN. The ProKick team did themselves proud on Sunday afternoon in the land of cuckoo clocks, chocolate and very rich people: Switzerland. We are not sure of the final tally of wins and losses as some of our young fighters had up to 3 fights. This was all part of an international club team event and an event under The PeaceFighters. THANK YOU Mr Emery!!!!

Here are some results in Brief:

George Eyre:  Won 2 matches, Lost 1 (retired)
Jamie McCusker:  Won, on points.
Anna Mallon:  Won (her fighter withdrew 2nd round)
Samantha Robb:  Won, on points. low kick match
Gareth Anderson:  Lost, on points.
Jake McCready:  Won 3 bouts; 1 win on mat and 2 wins on points, in ring.  No Losses

Some of the kids had more than one match, we will confirm all results.

Riley Hamilton (boy) (ProKick) age 7, orange belt.  Lost 2
Joseph Millar (boy) (ProKick) age 7, green belt.  1 Win, no Loss
Morgan Buchanan (girl) (ProKick) age 8, blue belt.  1 Win, no Loss
Grace Goody (girl) (ProKick) age 11, blue belt.  3 Wins, no Loss
Bailey Allen (boy) (ProKick) age 9, purple belt.  3 Wins, no Loss
Taylor Armstrong (girl) (ProKick) age 9, purple belt.  1 Win, Lost 2
Jay Barron (boy) (ProKick) age 11, blue belt.  4 Wins, no Loss
Jacob Eyre (boy) (ProKick) age 11, purple belt.  1 Win, no Loss
Jay Sturgeon (boy) (ProKick) age 11, blue belt.  1 Win, 1 Loss
Marshall Neill (boy) (ProKick) age 11, blue belt.  3 Wins, no Losses

A BIG Thanks to Mr Carl Emery, without him this trip would not have been possible.  Thank you Birthday Boy!

Day 3: Fight-DAY  (24rd March 2013)

1.20pm.  It was match time and both teams walked to the ring for presentation.  The event started at 1.30pm and went on to 4.45pm - there was over 3 hours of non-stop kickboxing in three rings, all going on at once.  The team fought hard and well.

12.30pm.  Arrived in Geneva at Carl Emery’s Gym - weighed-in, matches made and the kids are getting warmed up.

It is fight day, and all the talking is over.  At 7.30am, the kids were out doing a spot of light training ahead of their matches this afternoon.  They all did a little piece for the camera, which will be on-line very soon.  We are all about to board the coach to Geneva for another couple of hours driving straight to the event starting at 1pm, TODAY, Sunday 24th March.  We will have up-dates right here as the day unfolds.  More to follow…


One thing for sure the kids are having a blast, and that’s what matters.

What a sight!  The ProKickers took in the shear beauty from the top of a mountain.  The squad are back from seeing the sights of Villars, and now the team are resting up before dinner tonight.  Tomorrow the squad will depart from Villars to Geneva at 10.45am with the event starting at 1pm at Carl Emery’s gym.

The ProKick team are currently up a mountain, they all travelled up in a cable-car to the top of the Alps for some sightseeing of the region.  This was organised by Mr Serge Beslin who is the Director of Villars Tourism and a supporter of the ProKick gym in Belfast.

DAY 2.  (23rd March 2013)  It was an early rise for the ProKick kids, a spot of running, exercising and shadow boxing and then…. it was a BIG snow ball fight.  Hit the town for some breakfast and then took cable-car up a mountain for sightseeing.


DAY 1.  (22nd March 2013)  Hazardous weather conditions across Northern Ireland meant some ProKick members needed to leave home at 6am on Friday 22nd March.  Thirteen hours later the squad arrived in Villars Switzerland.  First-up, the team had a chance to take in a spot of sight-seeing at some local beauty spots.  Tired, hungry, but excited, we checked in and all went to a local restaurant, RĂ´tisserie des Alpes, for a touch of Swiss cuisine.

We will keep you up-to-date as often as possible.